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Should We Completely Rest After An Injury?


Below is a quick summary on PAIN – and as pain is the number one reason as to why patients come to our clinics, an accurate understanding of pain is essential! What is pain? It is an [...]

Should We Completely Rest After An Injury?2020-01-03T00:57:08+00:00

Glute function and running


I’m sure you can agree that we have all had some form of tightness or niggle after doing exercise especially running post a time of inactivity – whether it be after a long week at [...]

Glute function and running2019-04-21T11:18:34+00:00

Why Do You Keep Getting Injured?


What do you think is the biggest predictor for future injury? No, it is not your weight No, it is not your BMI No, it is not your activity (or lack there of) levels No, [...]

Why Do You Keep Getting Injured?2017-11-09T01:21:09+00:00

3 Tips for Ankle Sprains


An inversion ankle sprain (rolled inwards) is one of the most common injuries seen on the sporting field or court. Due to often a great deal of dynamic change of direction and a whole host [...]

3 Tips for Ankle Sprains2019-04-21T11:18:34+00:00

2 Things To Do Straight Away When You Have An Injured Tendon


Stop stretching Injured tendons can be aggravated by compressive forces – i.e. compressing the tendon into bone Stretching an injured tendon (think stretching the calf complex with an Achilles tendon issue), compresses the Achilles tendon [...]

2 Things To Do Straight Away When You Have An Injured Tendon2017-06-07T03:38:39+00:00

Crunches For A Stronger Back And Core? Ummmmm….. Maybe Not!


The traditional abdominal crunch – a staple exercise that is being undertaken in most gyms around the world for the last 100 years – mainly to try and attain that gold standard of most gym [...]

Crunches For A Stronger Back And Core? Ummmmm….. Maybe Not!2019-04-21T11:18:35+00:00

Prevention Really Is Best When It Comes To Injury Management


The first step of injury management is doing all you can to prevent an injury in the first place. Osteopaths are not solely focused on the assessment and treatment of injuries – they are also [...]

Prevention Really Is Best When It Comes To Injury Management2017-04-09T23:56:57+00:00

Why Upper Body Strength Is Important In Cycling And Triathlon


When we think about muscles we need to work on for riding a bike, the last thing we tend to consider are those through our upper body such as through the shoulders, thoracic spine and [...]

Why Upper Body Strength Is Important In Cycling And Triathlon2019-04-21T11:18:37+00:00

3 Reasons Why Your Knee Hurts


“My knee hurts” – at the Sports & Spinal Group, we hear this everyday! Whether it is a little child, their parent or grandparent, knee pain is prevalent in all age groups and at all [...]

3 Reasons Why Your Knee Hurts2019-04-21T11:18:37+00:00

Earn The Right To Train


One of the most common scenarios that present to us at the Sports & Spinal Group is a patient attending with an injury that has occurred shortly after they have started some sort of sport [...]

Earn The Right To Train2016-08-10T01:01:46+00:00

Why We Do What We Do


Last week, I walked down the long, shopping strip that one of our practices is located. From start to finish, I counted 3 physiotherapy clinics, 3 chiropractic clinics, 2 osteopathic clinics, and a kiosk-type muscle [...]

Why We Do What We Do2019-04-21T11:18:38+00:00

In The Gym & Injury Free


I was in my back yard a few weeks ago running through the routine spring clean of collecting deadwood and leaves to be burnt off in a rather impressive bonfire. There was a substantial 2m [...]

In The Gym & Injury Free2019-04-21T11:18:38+00:00

Distance Running Do’s and Don’ts


Over the last few weeks I’ve been treating a lot of patients in preparation for this year’s Melbourne Marathon trying to get them ready for the race. It’s a goal that has taken a lot [...]

Distance Running Do’s and Don’ts2019-04-21T11:18:38+00:00

Orthotics for Activity


If you are having pain in your feet, legs, hips or back, you may require orthotics to improve your foot position and function during activity. What are orthotics? Orthotics are insoles that are issued by [...]

Orthotics for Activity2019-04-21T11:18:38+00:00

Does Your Child Complain Of Foot Pain?


Well the footy and soccer season’s are upon us, and it is at this time of year that Podiatrist’s tend to see more children present with heel pain. Sever’s diseaseis a common condition in children [...]

Does Your Child Complain Of Foot Pain?2016-08-08T07:19:24+00:00