Why We Do What We Do

Why We Do What We Do

Last week, I walked down the long, shopping strip that one of our practices is located. From start to finish, I counted 3 physiotherapy clinics, 3 chiropractic clinics, 2 osteopathic clinics, and a kiosk-type muscle worker business (massage therapist) on most corners.

Being one of the directors of the Sports & Spinal Group (one of the osteopathic clinics), I could not help but wonder if the general public were confused as to the difference between the bevy of clinics and services found in such close proximity.

In essence, each of the businesses mentioned are providing similar services in order to help people feel better. So why would someone use our services over another? Is it that we have the best customer service? Maybe. Is it that we provide a different treatment technique or piece of equipment to help in improving outcomes? Maybe. Is it the “feel” of the practices or the experience of our practitioners? Maybe.

The Sports & Spinal Group has had the privelage to serve our local community for almost 10 years with over 25,000 treatments undertaken in this time. I feel that the real reason for this has nothing to do with the above, and more to do with an INTANGIBLE amongst our practitioners and staff. It is our WHY — the reason we do what we do!
The Sports & Spinal Group empower and educate its clients to live healthy, lifelong, active lifestyles. That’s it.

We also educate our clients to ensure the definition of health to just not solely mean PAIN RELIEF — it is important to keep in mind pain is often the last symptom to be felt when there is an injury or disease process, and one of the first symptoms to be relieved with treatment. Thus, just because there is absence of pain, this does not mean you are neccessarily HEALTHY!

We want to ensure you are the best you can be LONG-TERM — so you can do the things you love in life for as long as you can as HEALTHY as you can be!

This is our WHY. It is what drives us, and it is what will continue to enable us to help the Bayside community for many years to come.

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