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Dr Kate Williams

Dr Kate Williams

Dr Kate Williams


Kate graduated from RMIT University in 2004 and has spent years developing her special interest in the treatment of infants and children. Kate has completed courses in Osteopathy in the Cranial Field and Paediatric Osteopathy, including a trip to Finland in 2010 to study Biodynamic Osteopathy, Rule of the Artery, Primitive Reflexes and Osteopathy, Tongue Tie management and more. After travelling and living in Japan for several months, Kate returned home to Bayside Melbourne and in 2012 she undertook a Graduate Certificate of Infant and Paediatric Manual Therapy at Victoria University to further her knowledge and skills in this area.

Orofacial Myology is a therapy that works with the individual’s muscular function of the tongue, mouth, jaw and facial muscles. Nasal breathing and correct chewing and swallowing is important for health and development and Kate has recently studied this therapy. She believes it is a fantastic adjunct to Osteopathic management and is looking forward to offering this as part of her patient care at the Sports and Spinal Group Beaumaris.

Kate is the mother of two gorgeous children and lives in Bayside with her husband, pet dog Rex and Blue Tongue Lizard Jack.

Kate consults from the Beaumaris Clinic. See more about Kate on her personal business page here:  

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