Why Do You Keep Getting Injured?

Why Do You Keep Getting Injured?

What do you think is the biggest predictor for future injury?

  • No, it is not your weight
  • No, it is not your BMI
  • No, it is not your activity (or lack there of) levels
  • No, its not your age
  • No, its not the fact you have Osteoarthitis
  • No, its not if you are a male or female
  • No, its not your posture
  • No, its not because you have scoliosis
  • No, its not because you have flat feet

The biggest predictor of future injury is – a previous injury!

If that is the case, if you are getting treatment for an injury, you will still most certainly get another injury.

How can this be?

Two reasons:

  1. The diagnosis is incorrect
  2. The discharge criteria is incorrect and incomplete

What do we, as practitioners at the Sports & Spinal Group, do to lessen this risk?

  1. We don’t use PAIN as a marker for health – pain is often the last symptom to come on when there is a problem, and the first symptom to go away with some treatment – being PAINFREE does not automatically make you HEALTHY!
  2. Our assessment is based on the body as a whole – especially how we move as one unit, instead of parts of a whole. To optimise how we move, we focus on patterns, not parts – this is what forms part of the discharge criteria.

Getting injured is a part of life – staying injured is a choice, moving towards lifelong health is a journey – SSG is here to help on the journey!

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