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Your 10 steps to recovery


Your 10 steps to recovery at SSG

Your road to recovery at SSG is centred on your CCMI accredited practitioner taking a case history, performing evidence based testing and creating a tailored plan to ensure you return to your best physical and mental state post injury.

1. During you initial 1 hour consult, your trained osteopath will conduct a thorough case history and specific testing protocol to better understand the nature of your specific injury and what is causing your symptoms.

2. The examination will encompass neurological and physical examination tests, neurocognitive, visual and vestibular testing as well as physical exertion testing. This will determine if you have concussion and if so, create an individually tailored plan to help you return to your best physical and mental state post injury.

3. There is a lot that you can proactively do to reduce the severity and duration of your concussion symptoms within the first days after your head trauma – Your treating osteopath will provide you with the guidance on how to safely and effectively do this. Current research shows that with a specifically tailored early return to physical and mental exertion program, patients with concussion have better outcomes than those who rest.

4. All testing results are stored on a secure, cloud based database that can be shared immediately using an integrated phone application with yourself, your guardians if under 16 years of age, all health professionals and sporting coaches that are involved in your concussion management.

5. We provide follow up consults as required to help treat the underlying cause of the concussion / PCS symptoms. Treatment consists of hands-on treatment as well as rehabilitation advice relating to your specific cause of symptoms. We recommend bi/weekly treatments for the critical period of healing during the first three weeks post-concussion.

6. A lot of people can still experience symptoms of concussion even after the brain has adequately healed post concussion. This commonly can be due to strain of the neck because all concussions will have an element of whiplash injury. Our osteopaths find that treatment of the neck can help treat the symptoms of dizziness, headaches and visual disturbance that can occur.

7. Throughout your rehabilitation period, your practitioner will guide you through several concussion exertion tests (bike or treadmill) in a safe manner. These exertion tests (along with other evidence-based tests will be the guide to when it is safe to return to sport, work or school.

8. During this time, we give advice on how to return to exercise in a safe manner that won’t aggravate your symptoms and helps develop the fitness you need to return to physical activity and the sports you love playing.

9. With concussion it is common to experience emotional irritability, problems with vision, balance, memory and concentration.

10. At SSG, we offer baseline testing for all members of the public, especially sporting clubs’ throughout preseason.

Baseline testing helps our osteopaths make the most thorough and safest clinical decision for players who have suffered concussion to return to contact sports. It especially helps guide those wanting to return back to sport in the early stages of recovery or any individual who may be at high risk of a repeat head trauma. If you want to find out more about our baseline testing – please contact the clinic.


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