What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a system of manual therapy that uses hands-on techniques to assess, diagnose and treat the entire musculo-skeletal system.

Osteopaths examine more than just the site of pain or discomfort, they also assess surrounding and related body parts, ensuring an accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan for every individual.

Osteopaths aim to improve the quality and range of movement of the body, which in turn will affect the muscular, circulatory and neurological body components which all help to maintain optimal health.

Osteopaths identify factors that cause and continue to aggravate your condition. This may include work, sport and lifestyle habits. Osteopaths provide tailored advice on stretching and rehabilitation strategies to enhance your recovery and reduce the likelihood of recurring injuries. This holistic treatment approach promotes self awareness and encourages the patient to play a part in their recovery.

Osteopaths use a range a treatment techniques to ensure an effective and comfortable treatment. These include soft-tissue massage, joint articulation and manipulation, muscle energy and stretching.

Being government registered health care practitioners, patients do not need a referral to see and Osteopath.


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