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The SSG Concussion Management Cheat Sheet

What is concussion?

A concussion can occur following a traumatic force to the head or body that causes the brain to rapidly bounce around in the skull. This rapid movement causes the brain’s cells to become stretched, creating chemical changes and a temporary disturbance to the functioning of the brain. This can result in physical, cognitive and psychological signs and symptoms.

You’ve had a head knock/concussion? Now what should you do?

After seeking medical attention whether it be from your sports trainer, club physiotherapist, osteopath or doctor our main recommendation is to book in for an initial consult with one of our trained osteopaths at SSG.

Our 3 major recommendations in the initial weeks of concussion are to focus on sleep hygiene, diet and ensuring you see a trained professional for testing, education and reassurance.

Your road to recovery at SSG

During you initial 1 hour consult, your trained osteopath will conduct a thorough case history and specific neurological and physical testing protocol to better understand the nature of your specific injury and what is causing your symptoms. This will determine if you have concussion and if so, create an individually tailored plan to help you return to your best physical and mental state post injury.

Current research shows that with a specifically tailored early return to physical and mental exertion program, patients with concussion have better outcomes than those who rest.

We provide follow up consultations to help treat the underlying cause of the concussion / PCS symptoms. Treatment consists of hands-on treatment as well as rehabilitation advice relating to your specific cause of symptoms. We recommend bi/weekly treatments for the critical period of healing during the first three weeks post-concussion.

Tips for dealing with concussion symptoms

Dealing with a concussion can be a stressful and unpleasant experience. Click here to find out more detail about dealing with specific symptoms.

Still having prolonged symptoms post-concussion?

There is a range of reasons why this may occur. Your Osteopath will address these reasons to help resolve any ongoing/persistent symptoms. Without appropriate management, over 30% of concussed people can go onto experience long-standing or persistent symptoms that last beyond 4 weeks. This is called Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS). Our main recommendation is to book in for an initial consult with one of our trained osteopaths at SSG


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