Dr. Brett Wiener


Dr Brett Wiener has always been interested in movement, indicated by his background in strength and conditioning, playing and coaching high level sports and from post graduate study of the Selective Functional Movement Assessment.

His major interests lie in a comprehensive movement assessment to classify manual therapy and therapeutic exercise intervention, as well as both general and performance nutrition.

Brett enjoys treating any age group, ranging from a 3 year old to a 90 year old. He incorporates a combination of soft tissue focused massage, dry needling and trigger point therapy to reduce muscular and joint restrictions, manipulation to improve joint mobility and reduce pain levels as well as incorporating a large range of therapeutic exercises in an attempt to reduce vulnerability of re-injury in the future.

Brett is supremely passionate about promoting the right lifestyle choices and believes that his role as an Osteopath is to remove the barriers which can lead to pain and therefore let the patient explore and progress, whether it be in daily functional activities, general play or competitive sport.


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