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Gratitude and pain – are you counting your blessings?


Count your blessings. Be thankful. The message about gratitude can be heard these days, loud and clear. Being thankful is such an important practice to hold onto in this fast-paced world in which we live…simply [...]

Gratitude and pain – are you counting your blessings?2020-02-19T10:45:31+00:00

Landing And Knee Pain


Did you know that when landing from a jump your knees can experience a force that is up to 5 times your own body weight! There’s another thing. Seventy percent of ACL injuries occur in [...]

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Should You Stretch Your Hamstrings?………Maybe!


Every summer, I see sporting teams everywhere running around ovals or in the gym – preparing for the season ahead. Without fail, I see the “classic” team stretch – the old leg on the fence [...]

Should You Stretch Your Hamstrings?………Maybe!2019-04-21T11:18:35+00:00

3 Reasons Why Your Knee Hurts


“My knee hurts” – at the Sports & Spinal Group, we hear this everyday! Whether it is a little child, their parent or grandparent, knee pain is prevalent in all age groups and at all [...]

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Podiatry Services at Sports & Spinal Group


We treat everyone from elite to recreational athletes in a variety of sports, including children and the elderly. Podiatrists in Australia undertake a Bachelor degree and spend up to 4 years training in lower limb [...]

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Half Kneeling Landmine Press


Use The Landmine Press As A Way Of Re-Introducing Pressing Back Into Your Program Post Shoulder Injury

Half Kneeling Landmine Press2020-02-23T10:39:49+00:00