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SSG Philosophy

Why do we exist? To help you feel better, move better and live better

Where are we going? Our vision is to be the unmatched Allied Health provider in improving the quality of whole-person healthcare in the communities we serve

What are we trying to achieve? We educate and empower our community to value their own health. We do this through evidence based, personalized, whole person healthcare

Our pillars of care: Musculoskeletal Care, Pediatrics, Concussion, Womens Health. Click here to learn more 

Brand Values (What’s Important To Us)

We are a values-driven organization – our values are what set us apart from others and provide guidance for making decisions every day. The Sports & Spinal Group will achieve our goals by consistently living by our values. Any decision, problem or issue will be answered by referring to our values.

  • We Are Excellence Driven: We believe in priming our skill sets and our minds to make doing a remarkable job a necessity rather than a preference. We are lifelong learners who value continued education in all aspects of health and well-being.
  • We Inspire as A Team: We can articulate our unified values and goals and support each other each day. We don’t believe in working as individuals, but rather optimize patient outcomes by working as a team. We feed off each other’s strengths and teach each other the skills to build on our weaknesses.
  • Find your Happy: Work plays a big part in each of our lives. We strive to engage our team and patients in an environment which promotes all aspects of health and well-being. This engagement, where vigor, dedication and absorption are the focus leads to a positive, fulfilling and happy work-related state of mind.

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