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What is Animal Osteopathy?


What is Animal Osteopathy?

Using techniques developed in human Osteopathy, animal Osteopathy treatments address the structural and physical needs to relieve pain, improve movement, and prevent injury.

Unlike humans, animals cannot tell us about their pain. Osteopathic reasoning is largely based on careful observation and manual examination. For example, a dog will communicate their discomfort or pain by displaying changes in personality, behaviour, or performance such as:

  • lameness /altered gate
  • weight shifting or non-bearing
  • reluctance to move or get out of the car
  • resistance or defensive when touched
  • inability to coordinate/avoiding obstacles
  • ignoring commands
  • difficulty in stretching hind legs when jumping
  • unprovoked aggression
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Today, Animal Osteopathy is the fastest growing profession in the field of animal healthcare worldwide.

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