Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain?…….Do this!

Shoulder pain is very common in clinical practice, whether it be pain in the from of the joint, pain on top of the joint or pain at the back of the joint – our shoulders [...]

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Side bridge Row

Are you looking for another effective strengthening drill for your core and midline? This is a progression on a simple side bridge. It is a multi-planar and multi-joint stability drill that we prescribe for many [...]

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Upper Trapezius And Levator Scapulae Trigger Point Release

Do you suffer from upper back tension, neck pain or headaches? As this is a very familiar complaint in our clinic, we like to prescribe these muscular release drills to give immediate symptomatic relief. Although [...]

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Improve Your Thoracic Spine Stiffness…….And Your Shoulder Pain

Often when we have a sore lower back, or neck pain, or shoulder pain, we immediately treat the site of the pain. We massage, foam-roll and stretch ourselves to try and alleviate our pains. This [...]

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