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You’ve had a head knock / concussionsion?


You’ve had a head knock/concussion? Now what should you do?

After seeking medical attention whether it be from your sports trainer, club physiotherapist, osteopath or doctor our main recommendation is to book in for an initial consult with one of our trained osteopaths at SSG.

If you have suffered a head trauma and not seen a medical professional, we would recommend seeing a sports doctor or trained professional specialising in concussion.

At SSG our osteopaths work directly with a sports doctors who can provide medical clearance which some sports require (such as AFL). We work directly communicating with these medical professionals to provide them information on the thorough testing we conduct at our clinic.

We also encourage you to access the CCMI Instagram page for educational resources to better understand concussion @completeconcussions

Our 3 major recommendations in the initial weeks of concussion are:

  1. Sleep hygiene + balance the autonomic nervous system: Ensure you are giving your body the ability to gain quality rest at night. Avoid the use of electronic devices within 90 minutes before bed. Sleep is one of the main naturally occurring processes of our body that helps the healing process post-concussion. Meditation and specific breathing exercises can help reduce symptoms by balancing the overactive sympathetic nervous system tone that arises with concussion.
  2. Diet: Research shows that you can help reduce the severity of your concussion symptoms by decreasing your overall caloric intake by 30%, avoiding all refined sugars and carbohydrate foods, opt for foods that are high in good fats and eat a variety of fruit and vegetables. Magnesium, fish oil and curcumin are some of many supplements that can help reduce your symptoms.
  3. See a trained professional for testing, education and reassurance – This has been researched to be one of the main factors that positively helps concussion patients have better short- and long-term outcomes


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