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Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise rehabilitation involves developing a specific exercise program to assist in recovery from injuries, working towards a specific goal or improving fitness. A full health assessment and biomechanical assessment is performed to find the strengths and weaknesses that may be contributing to injuries or preventing a full recovery from an old injury.

At the Sports & Spinal Group, a combination of Pilates and gym based exercises may be used in order to develop strength and stability, improved movement patterning, as well as specific stretching and self massage techniques for body awareness and active recovery.

What situations might benefit from Exercise Rehabilitation programs?

  • Chronic injuries such as long term back pain, knee pain, or ankle instability
  • Hypermobility syndrome
  • Injuries not responding to manual treatment and often due to weakness in muscles, poor posture or poor movement patterning
  • To improve strength and fitness
  • To improve posture and flexibility
exercise rehab

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