Sports Injuries

//Sports Injuries

Glute function and running

I’m sure you can agree that we have all had some form of tightness or niggle after doing exercise especially running post a time of inactivity – whether it be after a long week at [...]

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Why Do You Keep Getting Injured?

What do you think is the biggest predictor for future injury? No, it is not your weight No, it is not your BMI No, it is not your activity (or lack there of) levels No, [...]

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3 Tips for Ankle Sprains

An inversion ankle sprain (rolled inwards) is one of the most common injuries seen on the sporting field or court. Due to often a great deal of dynamic change of direction and a whole host [...]

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Tight hips? To Stretch or Strengthen……that is the question!

“My hips always feel tight, or pinch when I walk, sit or squat at the gym. What the hell?” We hear this a lot in practice! “I always feel I need to stretch my hips, [...]

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2 Things To Do Straight Away When You Have An Injured Tendon

Stop stretching Injured tendons can be aggravated by compressive forces – i.e. compressing the tendon into bone Stretching an injured tendon (think stretching the calf complex with an Achilles tendon issue), compresses the Achilles tendon [...]

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Crunches For A Stronger Back And Core? Ummmmm….. Maybe Not!

The traditional abdominal crunch – a staple exercise that is being undertaken in most gyms around the world for the last 100 years – mainly to try and attain that gold standard of most gym [...]

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