3 Reasons Why Your Knee Hurts

3 Reasons Why Your Knee Hurts

“My knee hurts” – at the Sports & Spinal Group, we hear this everyday! Whether it is a little child, their parent or grandparent, knee pain is prevalent in all age groups and at all stages of life.

There are so many structures that make up the knee that it can be hard to accurately diagnose what is causing pain or swelling. However, like previous articles written regarding causes of pain, instead of concentrating on the site of pain, let’s discuss the most common causes of knee injury outside of direct trauma.

  1. Lack of Ankle Dorsiflexion: When we lose ankle mobility or movement, movement is required to occur somewhere else in order for the body to move – the knee is called upon to move more – overtime this can cause an over-loading of the knee and pain may start. Get more ankle movement – unload the knee!
  1. Loss of Mobility at the Hip: Much like the ankle, the hip is made to move. If there is less than ideal movement within the hip, then movement is required from other areas of the body – the knee being one of those areas. Get the hips moving – your knees will thank you for it!!
  1. Loss of Stability at the Hip: If our muscles do not stabilise the hip/pelvis complex when we are on our feet, then the joints below the hip have to work in a less than optimal position. Overtime, an overloading of the knee may occur. Get strong in the hips!!

The body is an amazing thing – it will always do what our brain asks of it – it does not care if we are stiff or weak – it just follows orders. The trick is to ensure that what is meant to move well does, and what is meant to be stable, is! This is our philosophy of treatment at the Sports & Spinal Group, and this is why we pride ourselves on looking beyond the injured site to ensure long-term health.

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