Why Does Magnesium Matter?

Why Does Magnesium Matter?

At the Sports and Spinal Group, we do our best to inspire our client’s to live lifelong, active lifestyles. Our practitioners are constantly being asked about the necessity of supplementing Magnesium into their daily lifestyles to offset any muscular cramping or fatigue they are suffering from during activity.

Magnesium is an essential mineral that demands attention when it comes to health. Almost every cell requires it, and it’s extremely vital in more than 300 processes that sustain our health and function. It is of exceptional importance to muscle contraction/relaxation, nerve function, cardiac activity, blood pressure regulation and energy metabolism (ATP).

ATP is broken down and energy is released for ALL muscle contractions, and when we exercise strenuously, this turnover is very high, meaning we need more ATP…and quick! Thus, a deficiency in Magnesium means we are limited our energy production, leading to fatigue, lethargy, reduced power, cramps and an increase in injury risk. Chronic deficiencies leave you at further risk of osteoporosis and anemia.

Emerging evidence is telling us that Magnesium requirements are significantly elevated in athletes. It is not produced by the body and thus needs to be ingested daily through consumption of Magnesium rich foods and supplementation if required. Most Men and Women require between 400 to 450mg however athletes can generally, safely consume 500-800mg daily.

Aside from poor dietary intake, gastrointestinal absorption problems, prescription medications, illness, alcoholism and Diabetes can all equate to a Magnesium Deficiency.

Below is a brief list of some of the Magnesium Rich Foods we like to advise our clients to consume in the clinic:

Pumpkin Seeds 532mg per 100g
Almonds 300mg per 100g
Brazil Nuts 225mg per 100g
Sesame Seeds 200mg per 100g
Walnuts 158mg per 100g
Spinach 80mg per 100g
Broccoli 30mg per 100g

If you are suffering from muscular fatigue and cramps during exercise, it may be worthwhile investigating to see if you have a Magnesium deficiency and begin to take the necessary steps to improve your everyday levels.

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