Why and how to warm up before you run

Why and how to warm up before you run

Warming up is an essential component to your workout. It should gently prepare the body for exercise by gradually increasing the heart rate and circulation. This will loosen the joints and increase blood flow to the muscles. Why is it so important to warm up pre-run?

  1. Warm up raises your body temperature: Dynamic warm up exercises boost your metabolism and accelerates the supply of energy to your muscles
  2. Warm up enhances muscle performance: This allows faster muscle contraction and relaxation – which enhances your performance.
  3. Warm up boost heart function: Warm up increases your cardiac output and breathing rate, thus expanding your ability to move oxygen around the body.
  4. Warm up improved the load distribution through your joints: New research has shown even short term exercise can help build joint cartilage – this allows you to increase the surface by which load is put on the joints. A larger area of distribution results in less stress in one area of the joint.
  5. Warm up prevents injury: It increases tissue and muscle flexibility, thus reducing the chance of muscle strain or tear

Try these exercises pre-run to prepare your body and reduce the likelihood of injury


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