What happens during an Animal Osteopathy Consultation?

What happens during an Animal Osteopathy Consultation?

Animal Osteopaths will firstly assess your pet’s mobility and strength by:

  • Gait Analysis: Watching your pet walk, trot and turning circle.

Do they weight-bear too much on their hip or elbow? Do they have a scoliosis or a favourite side they like to turn?

  • Assessing the function of the front and back legs: Walking over poles, Seeing if they can weight-bear on different legs.

Do they flick one leg our when they walk? Do they have a shorter stride one side?

  • Sitting Posture

Do they sit on one hip? Or on both hips symmetrically?

After assessment, Animal Osteopaths will treat by articulating your pets’ joints and gently stretching your pets muscles using techniques such as myofascial release, balancing ligamentous tension and cranio-sacral release.

All osteopathic treatments aim to be very relaxing, gentle and enjoyable for your pet.

How many Osteopathic treatments will my pet need?

Owners usually see an improvement after 1-2 sessions.

In more acute or serious cases, laser or hydrotherapy may be advised in combination with osteopathy.

Hydrotherapy for your pet is sometimes advised as an add on to osteopathy. Osteopathy balances the spine and improves mobility, hydrotherapy then helps strengthen the balanced musculo-skeletal system. Think of it as a form of Pilates for your pet!

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