What are those big muscles at the front of your neck and why are so important to your neck and headaches?

What are those big muscles at the front of your neck and why are so important to your neck and headaches?

How does your neck feel today? Is it a bit stiff?

Traditionally with neck pain, a lot of individuals tend to look at the surface level muscles and relate it to a persons headache or neck pain. Another key factor in this can be what is occurring below these muscles, in particular at the deep neck flexor region. The deep neck flexors play an important role in ensuring stability of the neck and connection through this region. They help keep everything stable and can even been seen as the abdominal region for the neck! Weakness and dysfunction through this region has been shown in relation to neck pain and headaches. This highlights their importance.

The good news is that your osteopath can help you with these. Here are several things you can do to help yourself address this:

Hands-on treatment: seeing your osteopath for some hands-on manual therapy can help lessen the tension and/or pain in your head, neck and surrounding regions, help improve motion and mobility through these areas and reduce inflammation.

Exercises: doing the exercises your osteopath prescribes for you will help take tension off these areas, improve range of motion and tension, improve strength through the deep neck flexors and ensuring the right cues are given to ensure they are performed correctly are things your osteopath can do to help your condition. Here are several exercises that may help your neck pain and address the deep neck flexors…

Advice and education: knowing exactly what might be causing the dysfunctions, why the deep neck flexors may be causing the pain, how long it might take to resolve the dysfunction, what can be done to best manage it, why the dysfunction or restriction through these areas may be causing the head and neck pain, are all things your osteopath can provide to help best manage your condition.

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