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Sidelying Thoracic Windmill


Do you seat way too long at work? Do you feel Lower or Mid Back Stiffness? An effective drill to open your mid back and work on your deep breathing is the Sidelying Thoracic Windmill.

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3 Reasons Why Your Low Back Continues To Hurt


3 reasons why your low back continues to hurt Your low back (or Lumbar spine), is a stable area of the the spine in contrast to what lies beneath it (the ball and socket hip [...]

3 Reasons Why Your Low Back Continues To Hurt2019-04-21T11:18:35+00:00

3 Ways To Improve Your Hip Mobility


Ahh the hips – a ball and socket joint made for movement but due to a lot of us sitting for long periods of time throughout the day – think computer work, in the car, [...]

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Hamstring Foam Rolling


Lower back stiffness? Hip Pain? A simple and effective drill to give relief is performing this foam rolling release exercise.

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Hamstring Trigger Point Release


Do you suffer from hamstring tightness, lower back tension or “Sciatica”? As this is a very familiar complaint in our clinic, we like to prescribe this simple muscular release drill to give immediate symptomatic relief. [...]

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3 Warning Signs Your Glutes Are Not Working


Our Glutes are a super important area of the body. Not only do they look good in jeans, but they actually have many roles: Outwardly rotate the hip (external rotation) Move our legs to the [...]

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In Pain?……Let’s Talk!


Below is a quick summary on PAIN – and as pain is the number one reason as to why patients come to our clinics, an accurate understanding of pain is essential! What is pain? It [...]

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Low Back Pain and Dr Google


Low back pain is the most common presenting complaint we see in our clinics – it will affect 70-90% of Australians over their lifetime (A.B.S. 2012) and can be debilitating. A lot of our patients [...]

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