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3 Warning Signs Your Glutes Are Not Working


Our Glutes are a super important area of the body. Not only do they look good in jeans, but they actually have many roles: Outwardly rotate the hip (external rotation) Move our legs to the [...]

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In Pain?……Let’s Talk!


Below is a quick summary on PAIN – and as pain is the number one reason as to why patients come to our clinics, an accurate understanding of pain is essential! What is pain? It [...]

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3 Reasons Why Your Knee Hurts


“My knee hurts” – at the Sports & Spinal Group, we hear this everyday! Whether it is a little child, their parent or grandparent, knee pain is prevalent in all age groups and at all [...]

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Podiatry Services at Sports & Spinal Group


We treat everyone from elite to recreational athletes in a variety of sports, including children and the elderly. Podiatrists in Australia undertake a Bachelor degree and spend up to 4 years training in lower limb [...]

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