SSG’s approach to recovery – The whole person approach!

SSG’s approach to recovery – The whole person approach!

Whole Person recovery – what we do at SSG!

The many facets on recovery

In one day we can train, work and invest time and love into our family and friends then we do it all again the next day. Sometimes it feels like we are being pulled in all different directions. To be there to do it all again and give it our all we need to recover fully. Recovery is made up of psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual elements. Here is some ideas to address each of these elements and get ready for the next day.


Give the monkey mind a rest and concentrate on your breathing. As you take a breath in try to concentrate on the moment that the breath goes from breathing in to breathing out. Make this transition as smooth as possible. Then move to your body and ask yourself the question. What does my body feel like? Does it feel warm? Does it feel cold?


Ask yourself what your emotional state is. Do not judge it. There is no such thing as a wrong emotion. It is just what you feel. Talk to your practitioner, family member or friend about how you are feeling emotionally. Feeling like you need to slow down, breathe and release your neck and head? Try this exercise below!


Do something to help facilitate your body to recover such as going for a swim, gentle walk in the park or getting an Osteopathic treatment. If you have lower back or shoulder/neck/upper back pain or stiffness – try one of the below!


We all connect differently with our spirituality. For you it could relate to nature, praying, or expressing gratitude. It is an important aspect of who we are.

As you can see recovery takes many forms, not just the physical, so next time you are feeling tired, sore, or emotionally drained consider your recovery as a whole being. Speak to your Osteopath at SSG – we don’t just focus on physical discomfort – we consider the whole person

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