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Counselling is a confidential, professional relationship entered into by a client (or clients) facing a problem (or problems) in their lives, whether the problem is vocational, personal, relationship-based, or familial.  The counsellor is trained in specific professional skills of nonjudgmental, empathic listening and communication.  Their aim is not to “give advice”, so much as encourage and prompt the client to draw on her own resources to better understand their stressors or problems, identify options and different ways of assessing their situation, set goals, and undertake actions to make change, consistent with their priorities and values.  Counselling often involves the application of specific psychological and psychosocial theories and techniques, depending on the clients’ needs and aims.  Counsellors often work in conjunction with social workers and psychologists, but whereas the latter generally address specific diagnosed mental health issues, counsellors may work with clients on specific life issues, challenges and decisions.

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