Your Scans Said What? (Please Stop Freaking out!)

Your Scans Said What? (Please Stop Freaking out!)

At the Sports & Spinal Group, we see a whole lot of scans that patients bring to us. They range from CT Scans, MRI’s, ultrasounds and of course x-rays.

Often our clients bring them in, put them down on our table, and repeat what the report or specialist who ordered them, has said they “have”.

For example, it is quite common for a client to say “I have tendon tear in my shoulder”, or “my discs are all bulging”, or I have “arthritis” in my joints.

It is true that these findings have been shown up on what ever scan was taken – however what was not and is not relayed to most patients is that most of these findings are NORMAL, and occur in most people at various times in our lives.

Joint degeneration, disc bulging, tendon tears and calcifications within ligaments are all normal variations that can exist WITHOUT PAIN.

The punchline is this: there is a poor correlation between what is found on any scan that you may have, and pain.

In fact, by thinking and believing a finding found on your scan is the DIAGNOSIS, can actually increase your pain without further tissue abnormalities.

This is where clear and correct communication is so important from the practitioner to the patient – it is the difference between feeling better quicker, and a slow recovery!

Our Osteopaths and Myotherapists and Podiatrists can help you decipher your scans, and educate you on a proper treatment and management plan.

Please call our clinics for any more information on this.

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