Dr. Sonia Brozko – Currently On Maternity Leave


Sonia is a fully qualified osteopath and is registered with Osteopathy Australia. She completed the 5-year Osteopathic Medicine course at Victoria University.

Sonia is passionate about osteopathy and all things health, wellness, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle related. Sonia ensures her patients are holistically managed by integrating health education, wellness/dietary advice and rehabilitation/exercise prescription with manual osteopathic techniques. Sonia understands that no condition is identical in two people, therefore all consultations are individualized to the patient’s needs and circumstances. Prevention strategies are discussed and implemented from the first consult.

Sonia takes a structural approach to treatment using a variety of techniques including joint mobilization and manipulation, muscle/myofascial release, gentle/indirect techniques and dry needling. She has experience in treating a wide-variety of conditions including acute and chronic pain, sporting injuries and pregnancy related pain. She has a special interest in correcting posture-related pain and often treats desk workers and keen gym-goers.

Sonia plans to further develop her skills by undertaking a Pilates for Rehabilitation course in 2015.


  • Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science)
  • Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy)
  • Certificate in Myofascial dry needling and cupping
  • Level 1 Paediatric Osteopathy
  • Certificate in SFMA Level 1 (Selective Functional Movement Assessment)

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