Michael Iappolo

Remedial Massage Therapist

Michael has worked in multidisciplinary clinics as an RMT since 2015, expanding his treatment skills through regular mentoring and observations with experienced practitioners around Melbourne.

He enjoys treating various musculoskeletal injuries and limitations across a wide variety of sports and those of day to day living. Having suffered a wide array of injuries himself, he also understands the physical and mental impacts on your health and recovery when you’re not able to do what you love.

He incorporates a wide variety of techniques into his treatments including, soft and deep tissue massage, trigger point work, dry needling, myofascial cupping, IASTM, joint mobilization, myofascial release and much more.

Michael has recently started his Osteopathy degree at Victoria University to further his understanding of human anatomy and how it interacts with pain or dysfunction both physically and psychologically.

He has a keen interest in martial arts, gymnastics and other alternative sports that push the body beyond what is perceived as the normal limits. Michael believes that movement is key to everyone’s wellbeing and integral to recovering from the many sporting and day to day stressors, preferring activity modification over complete rest where appropriate.

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