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Dr Michael Ioppollo

Michael Iappolo

Dr Michael Ioppollo

Registered Osteopath

Michael is a dedicated osteopath with a passion for holistic wellness and a strong commitment to empowering individuals through comprehensive care. He has worked in multidisciplinary clinics since 2015, first as a remedial massage therapist and then as a registered Osteopathy.

He enjoys treating a variety of musculoskeletal injuries, physical limitations, and health conditions across a wide variety of age groups and sports, with firm beliefs that true wellness cannot be achieved by treating symptoms alone.

His treatments integrate tailored manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercise, alongside lifestyle considerations targeted at optimising physical activity, stress management, sleep, nutrition, and healthy social relationships.

Michael has a keen interest in martial arts, gymnastics, strength and conditioning and other alternative sports that push the body beyond what is perceived as the normal limits.

Michael consults from the Hampton and Beaumaris clinics. See more about Michael on his personal business page here:

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