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Dr Liz Ward

Dr Liz Ward

Dr Liz Ward


From an early age, Dr Liz Ward has been captivated by the human body. As her life and work experiences have revealed the intricate relationship that the physical body shares with emotions, thoughts, and the wider circumstances of life, this captivation has expanded to the whole human being. It’s this whole-person view that drew Liz to becoming an osteopath.

Liz has been passionately engaged in professional health care for 20 years, currently working as an osteopath, an intensive care paramedic, and a clinical educator. Liz holds Bachelor’s degrees in Science (Osteopathy) and Nursing, as well as a Master of Health Science (Osteopathy) and Post Graduate Diploma of Paramedical Science (Critical Care).

Liz is keenly interested in the impact that stress has on the body and overall well being, and is currently researching this area. Her work as a paramedic provides a unique insight into the breadth of human experiences. Drawing on this in her practice, Liz is an empathetic partner, who creatively empowers patients with personalised and realistic strategies for managing stress, and removing barriers to their wellness goals.

Whilst leveraging the full range of osteopathic manual techniques, Liz also understands the value of a gentle approach that targets the nervous system and allows the body’s natural healing mechanisms to activate.

Liz has an insatiable thirst for problem solving and discovery. She enjoys sharing this with others through informal patient education, structured training, and a good old chinwag with anyone else she can infect with her enthusiasm for all things human being. She also loves yoga, adventuring out in nature, enjoying amazing food, and juicy, connected conversations about stuff that matters.

Liz consults from the St Kilda clinic. See more about Liz on her personal business page here:  

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