Aaron Jennings


Aaron has undertaken 4 years of study in completing a Bachelor of Health Science with the focus on Myotherapy, he has a great interest in implementing precise musculoskeletal dysfunction diagnosis.

Aaron has a real passion dealing with child related injuries. He has a firm belief that the younger a persons body has an innate ability to heal itself when place in the correct position. Aaron has an appetite for seeing young sports people reach their potential. This desire stems from helping educate those on the cricket field where he is currently the under 12’s coach at Lilydale Cricket Club. His involvement in cricket has enabled him to develop a great understanding of the mechanics of the shoulder and the thoracic spine and how they interrelate to allow fast and spin bowling to become efficient and pain free.

He believes that through the use of techniques such as Soft Tissue Mobilisation, Dry Needling, Cupping, MyoFascial release, Kenesio Taping and electrotherapy, the patient and practitioner will have excellent functional outcomes.

Aaron philosophy of treatment is very much based around establishing high levels of flexibility and stability,to allow easier transition in reaching the patients optimal performance.

arron jennings

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