Lower back pain and Deadlifting

Lower back pain and Deadlifting

Prepare well and fix your technique

Most healthy people can deadlift. There are so many ways to vary the movement that it has wide accessibility compared to many other weighted exercises. This means, that despite our individual limitations, a deadlift can be a productive and rewarding component of everyone’s training program.

Fix your technique!

Knowing how to lift will be the difference between gaining strength or ending up in our treatment room in discomfort. Setting up like this may help:

  • Feet hip width apart with the weight in your heels
  • Palms are just outside your legs
  • The bar is right next to your shins
  • Your chest is up and your back is strong and flat
  • Your chin is tucked and your head is in a neutral position

Once you are in a good set up – it is time to do your pre-lift preparation:

  • Take a deep breath in and brace your core
  • Drive your knees out and your hips forward as you pull up on the bar
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together maintaining your strong, flat back
  • Keep your head neutral as you complete the lift
  • Strong glute squeeze at the top of the movement, before hinging your hips backwards to lower the weight back to the ground (keep your spine flat and strong)

Some exercises that may help before you begin your session:

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