Improve Your Thoracic Spine Stiffness…….And Your Shoulder Pain

Improve Your Thoracic Spine Stiffness…….And Your Shoulder Pain

Often when we have a sore lower back, or neck pain, or shoulder pain, we immediately treat the site of the pain. We massage, foam-roll and stretch ourselves to try and alleviate our pains.

This is called TREATING THE SYMPTOMS, and you need to stop. A lot of the time, it is our THORACIC SPINE – our mid-back – that is the CAUSE of our pain elsewhere – release the mid-back, and good things happen!

Here are the top 3 exercises you can do daily to unlock your thoracic spine – and help with your low back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain!

They all involve something called thoracic extension – which is the opposite movement to slouching – and it will help unload those muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints in other areas of the body.

  1. Thoracic spine extension 1
  • Equipment: Foam roller, Rolled up towel, double massage ball (peanut)
  1. Thoracic spine extension 2
  1. Thoracic spine extension 3

Doing this 3 exercise combination daily can help your thoracic spine stay mobile – and in the process help other areas of the body!

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