Core Stability & Back Pain

Core Stability & Back Pain

The muscles that surround our spine are considered the “core” of our body. It is composed of the abdominal muscles on your front and sides, the erector muscles of the back and even the larger muscles that span multiple joints (like the Lats and psoas muscles). Each one of these muscles must work together to enhance the stability of the spine. But what really is ‘stability’?

First, when muscles contract they create force and stiffness. It is the stiffness part that is important for stability. Think of the spine as a flexible rod that needs to be stiffened to bear load. This is the role of the muscles. When we don’t coordinate muscle activation – you are more at risk of injuries and pain. Second, our body functions as a linked system. Any movement requires stiffness at another area of the body to ensure it is stable.

This core stiffness is non-negotiable! Thus, all body movement needs appropriate coordination of muscles. To move, run, or squat requires spine stiffness and core stability. When the core fails to meet, the stability demands placed on the body during a certain lift, parts of the spine will be overloaded with forces that increase injury risk and performance will suffer. Start here or come and see our team to advise on how to build stability.

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