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It is a common belief that babies, and children should have no structural stresses or strains in their bodies, because they are so young. The reality can be very different. Birth is one of the most stressful events of our lives.

The baby is subjected to enormous forces, as the uterus pushes to expel the baby against the natural resistance of the birth canal. The baby has to turn and twist as it squeezes through the bony pelvis.

The baby’s head has the remarkable ability to absorb these stresses in a normal delivery. In order to reduce the size of the head, the soft bones overlap, bend and warp as the baby descends. The baby’s chin is normally well tucked down towards its chest to reduce the presenting diameter of the head.

Many babies are born with odd shaped heads as a result. In the first few days, the head can usually be seen to gradually lose the extreme molded shape, as the baby suckles, cries and yawns. However, this un-molding process is often incomplete, especially if the birth has been difficult.

Treatment may help to reduce some of the structural stresses and or strains retained in individual tissues following the birth process.

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