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Too many easter eggs? Here are some tips to prepare for running this winter


Whilst most people tend to be less active during winter, why not seize the opportunity to make those typically-crowded running paths and tracks entirely yours! Here are some tips to help you prepare for running [...]

Too many easter eggs? Here are some tips to prepare for running this winter2022-05-19T04:22:54+00:00

Affirmation Cards At SSG


Affirmation Cards at SSG created by our director Jelena Blajer Happy Hearts Affirmation cards have been lovingly created by our Paediatric Osteopath, mindset coach and and mum of three, Jelena Blajer as a way to [...]

Affirmation Cards At SSG2021-08-30T00:24:25+00:00

Band Resisted Wall Slide


This exercise is a great movement prep, prehab or rehab exercise for working on upper limb shoulder girdle control with low compression on the tendons and joints. The idea is to maintain contact on the [...]

Band Resisted Wall Slide2021-01-19T22:23:27+00:00

Bulgarian Split Squat


This is a great assistant exercise that can help expose and clear up weak links you may have in strength and stability of your hip and core region. This also assists in building one legged [...]

Bulgarian Split Squat2021-01-19T22:23:27+00:00

The Benefit Mindset – The Best Type Of Mindset!


The benefit mindset asks the question, what does it truly mean to grow and fulfil our potential? Rather than focusing on growth alone, the focus shifts to how we are being of value to ourselves, [...]

The Benefit Mindset – The Best Type Of Mindset!2020-06-29T11:41:49+00:00