Are you having prolonged symptoms following concussion?

Are you having prolonged symptoms following concussion?

Are you having prolonged symptoms following concussion? Our CCMI accredited Osteopaths can help!

Without appropriate management, over 30% of concussed people can go onto experience persistent symptoms that last beyond 4 weeks. This is called Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS).

There is a range of reasons why this may occur. Outlined below are some of the most likely theories, and how we can target these areas to alleviate any lingering symptoms. 

Blood flow abnormalities: 

  • Following a concussion, blood flow to the brain can be temporarily impaired. This can create symptoms for people, particularly during exercise.
  • These blood flow issues can be assessed within our clinic via exertional testing, which can then provide information on the appropriate level of exercise needed to facilitate your recovery and normalize any blood flow issues.


  • The energy levels within our brain are reduced following a concussion. These usually normalize within 3-4 weeks, however, may remain low in rare cases. Depending on your clinical history, a trial rest period may be prescribed to allow energy levels to normalize. 


  • Inflammation in the brain begins immediately following a concussion. Whilst this is a normal healing process initially, it can get out of control in some cases. Your treating osteopath will help prescribe evidence-based dietary changes and supplementation to help resolve this inflammation.  

Visual and/or Vestibular: 

  • A range of visual and vestibular issues can arise following a concussion, resulting in sight issues, dizziness and balance impairments. Vestibular Ocular Motor Screening (VOMS) testing will be performed to identify these issues and prescribe appropriate exercise rehabilitation to help resolve them. 

Neck issues: 

  • The level of force required for a concussion means there will always be an additional element of whiplash that results. Whiplash can produce identical symptoms to concussion and may linger for longer periods. Your treating osteopath will assess and treat the neck to help alleviate these symptoms. 


  • Feeling down, anxious and/or fearful are all common following a concussion. These feelings can enhance and even cause symptoms related to concussion. Your treating osteopath will take a patient-centered approach to understand your concerns and provide the necessary education and advice to reassure and support you through your recovery.
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