Affirmation Cards At SSG

Affirmation Cards At SSG

Affirmation Cards at SSG created by our director Jelena Blajer

Happy Hearts Affirmation cards have been lovingly created by our Paediatric Osteopath, mindset coach and and mum of three, Jelena Blajer as a way to help more children and families during these challenging and uncertain times by building qualities and foundations for connection with the children in our lives.

Jel has a deep love and passion for nurturing a child’s authentic self, empowering them with emotional resilience, self-worth, a growth mindset and the ability to face challenges as they grow and develop.

Happy Hearts affirmation cards consists of 55 different types of affirmations ranging from gratitude, breathing and mindfulness, being healthy by making good choices for our body or mind to being kind and thoughtful towards others and how we impact the people and world around us.

What we think influences what we feel and what we believe and ultimately then:

  • the choices we make
  • the friendships we make
  • how we deal with conflict and adversity
  • how we behave
  • our emotional and mental health
  • our overall well-being

Using affirmations shapes the way our children see and feel about themselves and is such a powerful lifelong building block for creating

  • self-worth
  • self-confidence
  • self-belief
  • self esteem

The affirmation cards are aimed at but not limited to children aged between 3-12 and can also be used by adolescents and adults to comfort and heal their own inner child.

The cards can be used as discussion points or as a motivational tool at home, at school or in a clinical setting. They can be used as discussion topics at the dinner table or on the way to school. You can put them in your child’s lunch box as a love note or stick them on the mirror for them to ponder while they brush their teeth!

The cards have so many uses in the classroom too, as conversation starters or as a tool for medical and allied practitioners to help younger patients open up about what they are thinking and feeling and also to help educate them about the their bodies and minds.

We hope you enjoy using the Happy Hearts Affirmation cards as a fun and easy way to connect with the hearts and minds of the children in your life.


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