5 Things Great Sleeper’s Do Differently

5 Things Great Sleeper’s Do Differently

Getting a good night’s sleep is an important marker of overall well being and health. It can affect musculoskeletal healing times, focus, mood, productivity and mental health. Try these simple tips to allow for better rest.

  1. No tech before bed

Checking email, playing one more game, pointless scrolling. These habits can greatly hinder our sleep. Light emitted from digital devices signal our brain to stay awake. 30 minutes of reading, meditation or quite conversation are much more beneficial options.

  1. Lessen ambient light interference

Artificial light interferes with your body’s natural rhythms and melatonin levels, making it very difficult to sleep.

  1. Establish a bedtime routine

When growing up, you probably took a bath/shower, read a story and got tucked into bed for the night. Adults need this kind of routine. Build an in week routine that may include a 5-20 minute meditation before bed, reading a real paper based book or write down your thoughts from the day within a gratitude diary (research now shows that we can create significant, positive brain changes within just a few weeks of performing this). Set a regular bedtime, there is no such thing as “catch up”.

  1. Pay attention to what you eat and drink

Sugar, Caffeine and Alcohol in particular deserve caution. The stimulating affects take hours to wear off (whether you can fall asleep after a post dinner coffee or not). Both of the above beverages dehydrate your system and can be pro-inflammatory (alcohol particularly), reducing your body’s capacity to heal and regenerate overnight.

  1. Extra credit

Deposit into your positive lifestyle account regularly throughout the day. Daily exercise, quality wholefoods, reducing sugar intake and plenty of water are simple ways to improve your sleep quality

Getting a quality night’s sleep can improve performance, memory function and mood. It can help you avoid weight gain and maintain the overall, holistic health we look to encourage at The Sports And Spinal Group.

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