5 Things About Osteopathy

5 Things About Osteopathy

When I mention that I am an Osteopath, many times I am greeted with a quizzical look or the response “oh, you deal with bones don’t you?”, or “does that have anything to do with osteoporosis?”. In reality, what Osteopaths do in clinical practice is a lot more in depth and complex than this!

Osteopathic scope of practice varies greatly, from treating spinal and sport injuries, to managing exercise rehabilitation, to treating pregnancy related discomfort and pain, to managing baby complaints such as feeding difficulties and sleep disturbances.

The following list is to give you insight as to what our Osteopaths at the Sports & Spinal Group are all about!

  1. Osteopathy is not an alternative therapy — it is based on medical research, with Osteopaths having a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Health Science degrees.
  2. Osteopaths utilise a range of treatment techniques to ensure we are able to help a varied and wide range of conditions and people, including soft-tissue massage, manipulation, mobilisations, stretching, dry-needling, cupping, crania-sacral therapy, exercise prescription and clinical Pilates.
  3. The principal aim of Osteopathy is to help the body restore its proper function — which will help to improve quality of life.
  4. At the Sports & Spinal Group, our mission is to empower our clients to live lifelong, healthy lifestyles. What this looks like tangibly is to ensure pain relief or reduction as quickly as possible, then education as to how to maintain this state long-term, so you can be the healthiest you can possibly be!

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