5 Reasons To Perform Strength Based Training

5 Reasons To Perform Strength Based Training

Improve your hearth health, balance, bone density, hormonal regulation and feel better. A powerful group of benefits can come from one single intervention, strength training.

  1. Bone and muscle mass begins to decline slowly after puberty

Studies continue to show that with a well-designed and balanced weight-training program, you can stop, prevent and even reverse bone and muscle loss at any age throughout your life.

  1. Develops better body and movement mechanics

Both balance and coordination improves, subsequently improving postural control. Strength training has been shown to reduce the risk of falls by up to 40% in the elderly.

  1. Prevention of chronic, lifestyle diseases

Strength training has continued to show that it is as effective as some medications in reducing pain relating to arthritic conditions. Postmenopausal women are showing increased bone density and a reduction in risk of boney fractures. Strength training also helps control and improve glucose metabolism, thus having benefits for any type 2 diabetic or individuals with metabolic syndrome.

  1. Boost energy levels and improves mood

The natural opiate known as endorphins, which the brain produces in response to exercise, will heighten your mood and are a potent, natural painkiller. Studies have recently shown that exercise is as effective in managing depression than many current prescription based medications. It will help you sleep better and thus improve overall quality of life.

  1. Caloric control

Not only do you burn large amount of calories during strength based sessions, the body continues to heighten caloric metabolism as you are making and maintaining muscle rather than fat post training. This boost in your metabolism (research shows up to 15% in most people) is a key to any weight loss program.

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