3 Ways To Improve Your Hip Mobility

3 Ways To Improve Your Hip Mobility

Ahh the hips – a ball and socket joint made for movement but due to a lot of us sitting for long periods of time throughout the day – think computer work, in the car, at home on the couch – one of the most mobile joints in our bodies can become less mobile, more stiff and somewhat sore.

When a really mobile joint (the hip) becomes less mobile, the joints above and below are required to move more and are loaded differently with certain movements – the low back is generally a stable joint system, and when it is asked to move more time and time again due to stiff hips, it can become painful.

It is super important to ensure our hip joints move as well as they can – below are 3 exercises that help with this.

  1. The half kneeling couch stretch;
  • The half-kneeling couch stretch is a great movement that most people will require to help improve hip extension mobility limitations
  1. Half kneeling hip flexor mobilization;
  • The muscles at the front of the hip (rectus femoris and/or TFL) can be so short due to prolonged hip flexion (sitting), that full hip extension may be hard to attain – the below exercise is a must.
  1. Pigeon stretch;
  • The muscles that attach to the back of our hips become tight over time when we sit for long periods of time. The below stretch allows the back of the hips to free up, and move in a greater range.

Ensuring the greatest amount of hip joint range of movement is possible is super important to ensure your low back is not being loaded more than it needs to – hopefully leading to less low back pain in the future.

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