3 Things You Can Do Right Now For Your Low Back Pain

3 Things You Can Do Right Now For Your Low Back Pain

Low back pain – most likely you will get some pain in your low back in your lifetime – in fact 70-90% is the stat in Australia!

And if you have had low back pain in the past, the likelihood of another episode of low back pain is just as high!

So what can you do? Here are 3 things that are important to implement when you are in pain;

  1. Keep moving (within reason) – 30 years ago health professionals would recommend bed rest for any bad episode of back pain – times have changed, and now it is widely understood that moving as much as you can (within constraints of your pain and discomfort), is the gold standard to improve chances of getting out of pain quickly. Sit less, move more!
  2. As per point 1 – Sit less, move more!
  3. As per point 2 – sit less, move more!

The terms “exercise is medicine” or “movement is medicine” – whilst cute – are actually true. Moving whilst in pain or injured is just not great for the injury healing component of being, but also the psychological aspect of injury management.

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