3 Myths Regarding Low Back Pain

3 Myths Regarding Low Back Pain

Over the years I have heard hundreds of different reasons and explanations as to why my patients have, and continue to have low back pain. Over the journey, I have heard to following 3 myths regarding low back pain the most – I want to share them with you, and see if we can make any sense out of them.

Myth 1 – Back pain is caused by tissue damage

Many a study has shown that someone who has degeneration of the joints or discs in their low back (via MRI or CT scan) have NO PAIN. Tissue damage does not correlate with pain levels

  • Pain does not equal INJURY!

Myth 2 – The back is vulnerable to injury and needs protection, especially when it hurts

We should stop moving and protect our backs when we have low back pain is the motto of the second point. In fact, moving and exercise can be the key for effective pain modulation.

  • Hurt does not equal HARM!

Myth 3 – Directing treatment to specific tissues or structures will result in symptom relief.

Treating tissues or body structures (joints) alone may not result in pain relief. The occurrence and maintenance of pain is from;

  • Tissue damage
  • Worry/Fear/Stress
  • Habit
  • Past experience
  • Poor education and incorrect preconceived beliefs (“my back is out”)
  • Sleep
  • Hands-on treatment solely will only address part of why pain exists and persists.

Pain is complex – there are so many different factors and inputs that go into why and how we feel pain. I hope this article helps you in dispelling some myths regarding pain and how it should be treated and managed.

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